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Legislative Corner 

◊ August 29th Senate Bill 812 passed its final vote and heads straight to the Governor's desk for signing!

◊ July 23rd LA Times Editiorial Board came out in support of SB 812, Dept. of Toxic Substances Control reform.

◊ June 26th Provisions in Assembly Bill 2145 that would have stripped communities of the right to choose to use clean energy were removed.

◊ June 18th Assembly Bill 371 received unanimous support in its first committee vote.


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Tell Gov. Brown to Protect Our Communities Senate Bill 812 is a critical bill needed to reform the failing Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Tasked with protecting Californians from hazardous waste and the harms of toxic exposures, DTSC has been falling down on the job and harming vulnerable communities. SB 812 has passed the Assembly and Senate votes and now it is sitting on the Governor's desk awaiting his signature of approval or veto.
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From Clouds to Dust Central Valley photographer Matt Black's twin projects The Kingdom of Dust and The People of Clouds will be on exhibition Sept. 12- October 19th in New York City. The Kingdom of Dust explores the strong juxtaposition of contemporary rural life in California's Central Valley in the shadow of some of America's richest farms. While working on this project, Black noticed a shift in the population of migrants coming to work the fields, and in 2000 began The People of Clouds, an inquiry into the collapse of indigenous farming communities in southern Mexico.
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The People's Senate Vision for Change We are excited to announce our newest project, The People's Senate. Founded on the principle that the residents most impacted must lead the conversation and make the decisions that affect their communities, the Senate is a coalition of residents impacted by the incompetence of the Dept. of Toxic Substances Control. Tasked with protecting California from the harms of toxic exposure, DTSC has been failing at their duties and harming communities. Now, the People's Senate has just released their vision for change at DTSC. Read the Full Story
Portraits of America's First Climate Refugees The Native Village of Kivalina, Alaska is on track to become the nation's first community displaced by climate change. This island is projected to become uninhabitable by 2025. CRPE has been working with the community to fight for the funds needed to relocated. In May 2014 Seattle based photographer Suzanne Tennant accompanied CRPE's legal director Brent Newell to Alaska to capture their story in photos. Read the Full Story

The Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment is a national environmental justice organization providing legal, organizing, and technical assistance to grassroots groups in low-income communities and communities of color. We are driven by the belief that all people have the right to live, work, play and pray in a healthy environment, regardless of their race, place or income.