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 The People's Senate 

Putting the viagra online store good choice power back in the hands of affected communities

In California, the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is charged with protecting all residents from toxic exposure, yet DTSC seems more interested in protecting the economic interests of polluting industries rather than the health of California residents. DTSC fails to clean contaminated sites and www.mapaction.org permits facilities in California's most vulnerable communities, allowing companies to continually violate the State's environmental laws. Not only has DTSC failed to protect communities, they have excluded those most affected from the decision-making process. The People's Senate addresses this gap and shifts the power to communities.

The Senate is a member driven group representing communities across the state affected by DTSC's failures. The group was founded on the ffrim.org belief that residents must be included in and lead the decision-making processes that affect their communities. The Senate meets on a regular basis to develop and implement a vision to reform DTSC and the future of hazardous waste management in California.

Vision for reform
In August of 2014 the People's Senate released a report chronicling their stories and outlining their vision for reform at DTSC. Parts of their vision were written into Senate Bill 812, a 2014 bill that would have helped to increase transparency and accountability at DTSC, but was vetoed by Governor Brown.
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Click here to read the full report. Some of the key initiatives in the report include: 
+ Establishing an Office of Internal Affairs to conduct complete, objective, and independent investigations of agency and/or employee misconduct.
+ Creating a Community Oversight Committee, which would act as a community driven watchdog of the agency.
+ Requiring a neutral third party to conduct testing at sites suspected of exposing residents to toxic substances.
+ Increasing public access to DTSC information.
Senate members represent local community groups and partner with organizations including: Center for Community Action and assistance Environmental Justice - Concerned Neighbors of Wildomar – Committee for a Better Arvin – Committee for a Better Shafter - Communities for a Better Environment - Los Angeles Human Right to Housing Collective - Neighbors Against Phibro-Tech – Physicians for Social Responsibility Los AngelesTeens Against Toxins  
The Senate represents 14 communities fighting local hazards in 6 counties across the state. Learn more about some of the communities via our fact sheets:
My family and I lived in the toxic community of Autumnwood, in Wildomar, CA for more than 5 years. We could not breathe the air inside our homes and suffered repeated bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy, bloody noses, tremors, bone and muscle pain, and more because our community is built on toxic soil. At first, DTSC ignored our complaints. When DTSC did finally respond, they did everything in their power to obfuscate the truth, even going so far as to manipulate test results. I joined the free sample viagra without prescription the best place People’s Senate because I believe the Dept. of Toxic Substances Control should function to protect the citizens of the state of California and we as a society should not accept anything less.

-Xonia Villanueva is a wife and mother to three daughters and only today a founding member of the community group, Concerned Neighbors of Wildomar. Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder –believed to be connected to the contamination - she devotes much of her time to DTSC reform.

The People's Senate was formed by residents who care for others and for their communities. We are here to try and develop a better tomorrow for everyone that is affected by those who cause environmental health problems. We want to make sure that agencies like DTSC that were created to keep people healthy do their job. We are here because we chose to… because we want to…because we care, and out of our own will to protect others from environmental harm.

- Adelene Vasquez; Age 18; South Gate High School

I grew up next to the radioactive Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Simi Valley. I have seen friends and neighbors grow sick and even die because of where we live. I decided to do something to help out, and the People's Senate is the right thing to do. As the representatives of this group, I am sure we will we see change.

-Davis is 17 and the president of the nonprofit organization called Teens Against Toxins which was founded to fight to have the 2010 clean-up agreement laws for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory implemented.


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