Brent Newell

Legal Director

brent_newellBrent Newell joined CRPE in 1998 as a legal intern after his first year at the University of Oregon School of Law. During that summer, he did the legal and factual research that helped CRPE embark on a multi-year campaign to regulate factory farm dairies. After graduating in 2000, Brent joined CRPE as an Equal Justice Fellow in our Delano office and implemented a project to help rural communities protect themselves from unregulated factory farm air pollution. By the end of 2003, Brent had founded the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Project and, working with CRPE community organizers, our clients and allies, the Project had successfully ended California's agricultural exemption for air pollution, subjecting factory farm dairies and other major agricultural sources to the same stringent requirements applicable to other major polluters. Brent's work as the Director of the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Project earned him the Breathe California Clean Air Award for Leadership in 2008, the same year he was named CRPE's Legal Director.

More recently, Brent has focused on CRPE's climate justice work, including Native Village of Kivalina v. Exxonmobil, and CRPE's effort to compel the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect environmental justice communities and enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, something EPA has shamefully failed to do throughout its 43-year history.

A lifelong Californian, Brent graduated from Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa and earned a degree in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1992. Brent lives in Sonoma County where he grew up.
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